Isn't it about time you stopped wasting money, time, energy and resources?

Now you can now make an informed decision about your budget and eliminate the friction of being pushed into sales funnels or fobbed off because your project isn't big enough.

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At M-AR we believe you should have a great experience in the construction industry and the only way we can do that is to rid the industry of closed doors and friction! If you're interested in knowing how much modular homes are, download our brochure or continue reading 👇 

What we're going to cover:

We aren't building the most homes in the market, nor do we want to because we pride ourselves in our approach. Building homes that are tailored to you needs and providing you with an end-to-end service that cut's out all the heavy lifting, so you have less stress and more time to spend with your family. The problem is, no one is releasing the pricing of their homes so how can you make an informed choice without getting trapped in a sales funnel?

We are the first in the industry to release our modular home pricing structure in the hope that others will start to follow suit and give you the control you need.

But let's get things clear... We don't believe you should settle for 'Cookie Cutter' homes but in order to force a change for you, we have developed some 'standard' home types as a baseline. Ones which we don't expect you to buy, but ones that you can buy if they suit you. They offer a ready made solution and ultimately allow you to compare our offering to others in the market based on specification and M2 rates. 

Solutions that suit you, from conception to completion is what we really love and we know you do too because we have never been asked to make a single 'standard' home! 

 House type specification and cost overview

House name Type Our Ref Price from (Ft2) Price from (M2) NDSS DQR
The Elon 2B4P ELN £102.00 £1,097.95 Y Y*
The Fergusson 3B5P FRG £109.00 £1,173.30 Y Y*
The Enzo 4B6P ENZ £134.00 £1,442.41 Y Y*

* price on application

For a detailed specification and sizes please download our technical brochure

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The Elon - 2 bed 4 person modular home

The Elon home is the smallest in our range but has been well designed to pack a punch and get the most out of each space. This spacious 2 bedroom home is perfectly suited for first time buyers, with a modern open-plan kitchen/dining area you will have plenty of room to cook up a storm and entertain your guests or have some quality family time away from the TV. When it comes to facilities and the dreaded laundry, don’t worry we’ve got this covered, with a neatly separated Utility and downstairs WC, you will never be waiting for the loo and your laundry will be out of sight!

Not keen on entertaining? We have partitioned the living space just for you, so you can cosy up on the sofa with a nice hot brew, Netflix and a blanket on those rainy days. When it’s time for bed, the upstairs has a master bathroom with 2 equally large double bedrooms to suit many bed combinations and lifestyles.

The cost of this modular house type as standard starts at just £102 ft2

M-AR's 2 bed 4 person modular homeM-AR's 2 bed 4 person modular home layout

The Fergusson - 3 bed 5 person modular home

This typical 3 storey town house is a great addition to our standard range and we call this one the Fergusson. With the same ground floor configuration as the Elon, it’s the upper levels that make the difference. By moving the master bathroom to the front of the house, we create a larger bedroom at the rear with the perfect space for a single/guest room at the front, whilst still getting plenty of room for storage and even a desk for those who need to work from home.

The third floor is a little different to a standard En-suite. Although it’s not a bathroom in the bedroom, it’s contained on the same level but this means it’s usable to the rest of the household on those occasions when someone needs to spend a penny!

The cost of this modular house type as standard starts at just £109 ft2

M-AR's 3 bed 5 person modularM-AR - If you want ours - NOV 19_Page_09M-AR's 3 bed 5 person modular home layout

The Enzo - 4 bed 6 person modular home

The Enzo offers the largest footprint in our standard range, and quite rightly too. This is a 4 bedroomed home which offers 6 people ample living space without being hemmed in. Our view is that unlike others, this home does not compromise on the size of the ground floor living space, so whilst others may use the same ground floor footprint as smaller homes we understand that in the real world there will be times when the whole family want to be together. So whether its watching a sporting event in the living room or eating a meal together at the table, there is plenty of space for the whole family to get together.

We realise however that from site to site there may be key factors in your decisions to use this footprint that may adversely affect site density, so just in case we also have a 3 storey version based on our same flexible system that will allow you to increase site density and diversity.

And last but not least, the cost of this modular house type as standard starts at just £134 ft2

M-AR's 4 bed 6 person modular homeM-AR's 4 bed 6 person modular home layout

Internal specification options

Internal specifications in homes can differ greatly dependent on the customer and end user. As an off-site manufacturer, building homes in a factory environment, it would obviously be easier and quicker if everything you ordered was the same. But we are not like the others and we understand that you want your homes to be “a cut above” the rest. By working with you, we can help you realise these goals.

Our internal specification is designed with you, the customer. Should you require all your homes to be the same internally, to avoid end user conflict, our design team can work with you to ensure your internal spec matches, or preferably betters, the quality of your current traditionally built homes.

Are some, or all your homes for Open Market or Shared Ownership?
These may require a higher spec internal finish, which can be built into your design to ensure you achieve full market value for your homes and that your standards are not compromised.

We want to ensure that we are your Partner of Choice, and that can only happen by working closely together to design and manufacture your homes. Our procurement team have established relationships with a number of kitchen, bathroom, flooring and tiling providers (to name but a few), but should you require a specific provider, just let us know and we will work with you to get what you want.

ASA Residential modular home kitchen  ASA Residential modular home bedroom ASA Residential modular home bathroom

Performance of our modular homes

Building performance:

  • Walls – 0.20w/m2k (Part L1a minimum = 0.30 W/m2K)
  • Floors – 0.14 w/m2k (Part L1a minimum = 0.25 W/m2K)
  • Roof – 0.12w/m2k (Part L1a minimum = 0.20 W/m2K)
  • Doors 1.1 W/m2K (Part L1a minimum = 2.0 W/m2K)
  • Windows 1.4 W/m2K (Part L1a minimum = 2.0 W/m2K)

Depending on Customer or site specific requirements, we have a flexible approach to our housing solution that enables a variety of options to be upgraded including:

  • Renewable energy systems including roof mounted Solar PV, solar hot water and air source heat pumps for heating, hot water and electrical systems
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Smart energy systems for both resident and landlord use
  • Improved thermal/air tightness performances

Assurances and Warranties

BOPAS backed by Lloyds Register & BLP insurance

BOPAS Lloyds

Lloyds register & BLP insurance provide further quality assurance and have a 12-month defects warranty so that your homes are mortgageable and insurable assets. Having this peace of mind provides you with the confidence that our residential system is designed to last, with no nasty surprises during the life of the building.

We have invested heavily in our accreditation's to give you the best possible chance of mortgageability by providing you with greater confidence as to accuracy of valuations. As part of the BOPAS accreditation process our residential system has undergone rigorous quality reviews under the Building Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) which included process and quality checks by Lloyds Register and 60-year durability and maintenance assessments by Building Life Plans (BLP).

Our product offers assurance that your new homes and assets have been designed, manufactured and installed to ensure a lifespan way beyond the mortgage term. Providing confidence that our construction system is fit for purpose and meets the lenders needs for valuation purposes.

Quality that speaks for itself!

Learn more about the modular homes we have delivered by checking out our case studies and also here from our customers themselves by watching our showcase videos:



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